(CBS) Television sales always increase this time of year as Americans get ready to watch the Super Bowl. With such a wide selection of sizes, price points and rapidly changing tech, choosing a new TV can be difficult.

CNET editorial director David Katzmaier says there are some big discounts available right now, just ahead of the Super Bowl. If you’re shopping on a budget, he recommends a 50-inch TCL 4-series, which sells for around $300. “The TCL 4 series is an excellent budget model, great smart TV, very good picture for the money, and available in a range of sizes for really cheap,” Katzmaier said.

If you want to get the best bang for your buck in a mid-range TV, CNET gave an Editors’ Choice award to the 65-inch TCL-6 series. Some retailers are selling it for less than $1,000. “It really has the best picture quality for the money,” Katzmaier said.

You’ve probably heard a lot about OLED displays. They offer great picture quality, but cost more. Katzmaier said their product tests found the best choice is an LG C2 OLED for around $1,700. “The LG C2 OLED, really the hands down best OLED TV that I’ve seen. It’s got excellent picture quality, a really bright picture, it’s available in a nice range of sizes as well, that not every OLED is,” he said.

For the optimal Super Bowl viewing experince, experts recommend setting your TV to movie or cinema mode and boosting the brightness. Experts also say nearly every TV on the market now is 4K, but you need to make sure you’re watching the Super Bowl on a cable or streaming provider that’s broadcasting in 4K.