Does control of the thermostat lead to arguments in your household? Survey shows you’re not alone


INDIANAPOLIS – Who really controls the thermostat settings in your household? Does your roommate or spouse change the setting behind your back? Does setting the thermostat lead to an argument? Turns out, this is common.

Indiana Michigan Power surveyed nearly 8,000 customers about their thermostat settings in their homes. The results may surprise you.

  • Thermostat setting is one of the biggest disagreements among couples and partners. It ranks higher than who cooks dinner or takes out the garbage.
  • More than 55% of the participants said being comfortable is most important over saving money or other concerns when it comes to heating and cooling their home.

So, who sets the dial?

The “Thermostat Rumble” happens in many surveyed households. It went two ways: half of the respondents say they controlled the thermostat while the other half says it is either a mutual decision or an all-out brawl.

One respondent said, “My wife and I are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and one thing I’ve learned over the last 10 years, the rule of ‘happy wife, happy life’ definitely applies to the thermostat”.

Sabotage happens often in the Thermostat Rumble

Almost 60% admitted they change the thermostat when their spouse, partner, or roommate are not looking!

One respondent said, “I was able to figure out how to manipulate the thermostat at our former house to fool my husband into thinking we had the heat or air turned at the temperature he wanted”.

The ideal temperature

Generally, 50% thought the ideal temperature is between 70-73 degrees. 40% liked it at or below 69 degrees. Zero said they liked it above 74 degrees.

This survey comes out at the end of Energy Awareness Month, which takes place every October. Over 55% of those surveyed said they prefer being comfortable over saving money. Only 39% consider cost and the rest said saving energy is most important to them.

What else did this survey find?

  • 75% of respondents only adjust the thermostat once a day, or not at all.
  • 25% say they will change the temperatures two to three times a day!
  • 82% say they do not have a smart thermostat

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