MUNCIE, Ind. – A Delaware County Jail inmate is charged in a separate case after reportedly assaulting a corrections officer while workers “cleaned his cell.”

Drake Lee Ramsey of Muncie was charged with aggravated battery; battery against a public safety officer; battery by a deadly weapon; strangulation; and resisting law enforcement.

Court documents detailed that on Feb. 6, a jail officer went to Ramsey’s cell to assist while an inmate worker cleaned the cell since it “had vomit in it.” Officers stated earlier in the day Ramsey had swallowed a pencil, claiming he was suicidal.

The officer added that after dinner trays were served at the jail, Ramsey told workers he “vomited in his cell” and “needed it cleaned out.”

The officer had responded to detain Ramsey while workers cleaned his cell. Investigators said the officer had kept Ramsey in her sight the entire time. The officer had said Ramsey had a sock in his pants when he came out of the cell but she was unaware of it at the time.

Drake Lee Ramsey booking photo (Delaware County)

Police said as the inmate worker finished cleaning Ramsey took his socks, put them around the officer’s neck and “pulled her down to the ground.”

Other officers nearby said they heard a “thud” and after checking it out, saw the inmate on top of the officer.

The inmate worker also spoke to investigators confirming that he went to “clean the cell with vomit” when an inmate attacked the officer. The worker added that he tried pulling Ramsey off the officer because he could tell Ramsey was serious.

The jail officer had a “large knot on the back of her head” after the incident, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Pictures had been taken by the nurse on staff at the time. Investigators added after speaking with Ramsey, he told them that he “had not planned the attack” and had “gotten sick in his cell earlier that night.”

When officers asked the inmate why he attacked the officer, they said he refused to answer any more questions.

Ramsey was already housed at the Delaware County Jail on separate charges and remained in custody there.

A pretrial conference was set for Nov. 30 at 9 a.m.