Damaged mailbox? How to get it fixed and prevent it from happening again


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – The snow is quickly melting away which might leave behind a broken mailbox. Plow companies handle replacing those in various ways, and those companies recommend different ways to avoid it from happening again.

Indiana Department of Transportation has tips and tricks to avoid your mailbox from being knocked over. Before snowfall, ensure that bolts and screws are securely fastened. If possible, move the mailbox away from the roadway. Look into purchasing and installing a mailbox that isn’t plastic to that it can sustain more force. Place reflective tape on the mailbox so plow drivers can easily locate the mailbox when it is dark out. Remove the snow close to the roadway leading up to the mailbox as well as the snow around the mailbox. This avoid plowed snow crashing into the mailbox.

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INDOT also recommends installing a splash guard that protects the mailbox from heavy snow. A house number can be spray painted on the side of the splash guard to ensure mail is still delivered.

Hunter Petroviak, Public Relations Director for INDOT Northeast says, “You want to clear the snow kind of leading up to your mailbox, and then obviously around your mailbox too. That way it’s also helpful for your mail carriers, but by filing that snow or shoveling that snow away from mailboxes. It’ll help prevent any kind of damage that you might sustain from snow.”

As of last Friday, Allen County Highways had around 90 complaints of broken mailboxes that were handled. Unless the mailbox was physically hit by a plow truck, they will not replace it.

“Those plows can come off at more than 30 miles an hour and that’s why our drivers only go about 30 or 35 miles an hour themselves, and especially when there’s heavy snow out there. But if you have damage to your mailbox, one thing you might want to consider doing when there’s no snow on the ground is if you’re able to moving it to a location that might not be in the path,” Petroviak says.

If you believe INDOT is responsible, a tort claim can be filed through the attorney general‘s office.

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