FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Thursday morning a Blackhawk middle school student was hit while crossing Busche drive. 

This crash was the second such occurrence since December. But the problems with the intersection go back even further. 

Meggie Knecht’s claims her son Nash was hit at the very same intersection on December 1, 2020. The accident caused Meggie to switch schools entirely after her son suffered a broken leg and foot.

Nash in crutches following the crash.

“Someone was making a turn at the light and there was no crossing guard that day. She didn’t see him on his bike crossing at the same time she turned, and that’s where she collided,” Knecht recounted.

After the incident Knecht wanted to make a change.

Knecht wanted to find a solution to the intersection that she said many were aware was unsafe. Her other children were still crossing the very intersection that Nash was hit at to get to school.

She resolved to call whoever she could to make the intersection safer.

Her search for help found frustration, “I kind of just kept getting voicemails, shoved off I guess. Or just kind of ignored it felt like. Nobody really cared, but now I hope they’re going to take it seriously.” 

She has now implored parents to follow up with the school and police, noting that she did talk to a lot of people who cared about the situation, but didn’t know exactly how to handle it. Knecht is hopeful that now people will realize the situation is serious after another accident. 

The intersection of E. State Boulevard and Busche Drive which had a speed monitor installed.

Knecht feels that a full time crossing guard, or more simply a stoplight would be a good jumping off point, if not an ample safety solution. A speed sign has been installed at the intersection since the last incident, and Fort Wayne Police Captain Dan Ingram, who supervises the crossing guards, said there will be a police officer stationed at the crosswalk.

Until a solution is put into place, residents will continue to feel Knecht’s frustration.