Cross-country activists continue journey, respond to arrests


Protesters walking from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. hoping to enact change arrested before getting to Fort Wayne

One of the support vehicles accompanying a group walking from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. sits in a Fort Wayne hotel parking lot.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A group of protesters walking from Milwaukee to Washington, D.C. have continued their journey after being arrested in Kosciusko County Wednesday. They gathered in Fort Wayne Thursday before resuming the walk in Columbia City.

Activist Tory Lowe talked with WANE 15 Thursday as the walkers regrouped and met with local supporters. It was the tenth day of the cross-country journey that they say has the goal of enacting change, bringing attention to racial injustices and police brutality as well as honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Once we crossed into Indiana, every night we have faced extreme racism and adversity,” Lowe said. “Other sheriffs from other counties have walked with us… but when we get to Indiana, it’s almost like the racism level is so high that I’m in fear, not for me, even though I was arrested. I’m in fear for the people who live here every day. If this is happening to us and we’re just walking through, then what is going on with the African Americans and minorities that actually live here?”

Lowe was arrested Wednesday along with Frank Sensabaugh aka Frank Nitty and Eric Ajala along U.S. 30. According to police, the group was creating a dangerous situation with both pedestrians and vehicles traveling at walking speed along the four-lane highway, causing a backup on the 60 m.p.h. stretch of road.

The three were out shortly after being charged with misdemeanor charges, disorderly conduct, obstruction of traffic and resisting law enforcement at the Kosciusko County Jail.

“The more they call us names, the more we are determined,” Lowe added. “This is what we’re out here for – equality, justice for everybody. And black lives have been mistreated and this proves that.

The group of protesters have been escorted by support vehicles along the way and have seen support from local activists in the communities they venture through. The case was the same in Fort Wayne.

“It’s amazing,” Alisha Rauch of Change Makers said about the group of walkers. “It is beautiful. It gives me chills because they don’t have to do this, but our ancestors did this. Along the way they’re grabbing other people from all these different towns who are joining them and continuing. And to see all the new activism and the young activism, it’s awesome.”

Members of Fort Wayne activist organizations and individuals have offered donations, supplies, food and housing for the Milwaukee-based group.

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