Youth football coach charged with raping player’s sister

Marvin Davis

Marvin J. Davis

A 32-year-old Fort Wayne man has been charged with rape and sexual battery in a case involving the sister of a player on a Metro Youth Sports football team he coached.  

Marvin J. Davis was charged Monday in Allen Superior Court.

According to the affidavit for probable cause, the alleged victim met Davis on July 18 after he had taken her mother and brother, who had been injured the day before, to an emergency care center.

Davis asked the sister if she was interested in a cheerleader coaching position and that he would pick her up the next morning to try out.

The affidavit went on to indicate that Davis did pick up the sister, however on the way to the try out, he stopped at his house and the sister went inside with him.  She told investigators she felt comfortable going inside because Davis’ kids were there and he was her brother’s football coach.

Once inside the house, the sister said Davis raped her in an upstairs bedroom after asking if she had ever been with a grown man before.

The sister says she told Davis to stop and that she tried to scream but he put a hand over her mouth.

She then went to a restroom and pretended she got a text from a friend and needed to be dropped off there. 

On July 19, a police officer interviewed Davis and he admitted to having consensual sex. He also asked the officer, “do y’all have any type of classes or anything, I am not admitting guilt to nothing but I understand I have had issues.  Younger girls come onto me all of the time. Normally I pull away, I pull away, I pull away and don’t act on it but I do want to get help with it.”

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