Police want citizens to help get predators off the street; just do it the right way


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Police are urging citizens to bring any information on criminal activity straight to law enforcement. Citizens who try and take matters into their own hands to tamper with evidence for a proper investigation.

Brian Walker, public information officer for the Indiana State Police says that assisting police is always a good thing to do, but assisting in the proper way is important. Walker says that no one wants to take child predators off the streets more than police. The problem with citizens taking investigations into their own hands is that they may interfere with potential evidence police could obtain.

“It’s really important that we have people with information that want to do good and want to get these people off the streets to go to their police whether it be state police, local law enforcement agency, and bring that information to us so that we can do a proper follow up and proper investigation,” Walker says.

Police ask for help to get predators off the streets and ensure children are protected. Walker says if you are trying to do the right thing and help, they need to see first hand what citizens are saying and doing.

Earlier this week, a Markle firefighter stepped down after being investigated for reportedly attempting to meet up with a child. This was after videos appeared online showing Jeremy Bowman, 41, allegedly trying to meet up with an underage child. The North Webster Police Department is investigating the allegations.

The P3 app is a resource that is anonymous that can be download for free in any application store that helps police in northeast Indiana gather any information on criminal activity.

Indiana State Police said you can report crimes to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, ISP’s Missing Children, or by calling your local law enforcement office.

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