CECIL, Ohio (WANE) – A man who police were in the process of getting an arrest warrant for trespassed and was shot in a home in Paulding County on Saturday morning. He has since been released from the hospital.

Police said they were called to a house for a trespassing complaint and, when they arrived, found that a man had been shot.

Their investigation revealed 28-year-old Kurtis P. Puckett trespassed on the property of 52-year-old Judd C. Spencer. 37-year-old James G. Weaver, a friend of Spencer, was also on the property at the time. Puckett got into a verbal fight with Spencer and Weaver and attacked and assaulted Weaver.

Spencer tried to stop the assault, but Puckett started to come after him aggressively. Spencer told reporters that he told Puckett to stop or he would shoot him. Puckett continued the aggression and Spencer retreated from him, firing a shot into Puckett’s hip.

Police then arrived at the scene and Puckett was flown to a Fort Wayne hospital.

“Investigators believe Mr. Puckett was under the influence of illegal drugs,” said Sheriff Jason K. Landers. “The property owner and his friend were presented with a stranger acting erratically and the man eventually became violent by physically assaulting someone.”

“I don’t want to see people being shot, but I wholeheartedly believe people have a right to protect themselves and their property, and in this case, it appears to be a justified self defense situation. My investigators will continue to process the evidence in this case and work with the prosecutor to determine if any further criminal charges are warranted.”

At the time of this release, an arrest warrant for Puckett was being obtained for misdemeanor levels of assault and trespassing, however, he has not been arrested.