INDIANAPOLIS — The search for 2-year-old Oaklee Snow is likely to end in tragic conclusion according to new revelations in the case of the missing Oklahoma girl who was abducted from her father’s home on Jan. 19.

Court documents obtained by FOX59 reveal that the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department has reason to believe that the 2-year-old girl taken from her father’s home in Oklahoma is likely dead and hidden somewhere in Indiana.

Photo of Oaklee Snow released by IMPD

One of the last reported sightings of Oaklee Snow was in Indianapolis where her mother, Madison Marshall, and her boyfriend, Roan Waters, were seen leaving a house with “what looked like a child wrapped in a blanket,” documents reveal.

The witness said the child did not appear to be moving, talking or crying.

Madison Marshall faces felony charges of neglect and assisting a criminal. She is currently listed as being held in the Marion County Jail after being arrested in North Carolina.

Roan Waters was arrested in Greenwood Village, Colorado, and remains in custody in Colorado. Prison records show he’s being held on a felony charge with a $10,00 bond.

Court documents reveal that Oaklee’s baby brother was also abducted from the Cromwell, Oklahoma, home where they resided with their father. The two children were taken to Indianapolis, where Waters’ family resides.

While in Indianapolis, Marshall and Waters are accused of abandoning the baby boy in a “trap house,” or drug house. Waters’ mother and sister eventually rescued the abandoned baby, reporting that the child had no clothes on when they showed up to the house to claim the baby.


Photo of Madison Marshall previously released by IMPD

Court documents accuse Marshall and Waters of traveling to Cromwell, Oklahoma, and abducting the children on Jan. 19 from their biological father’s home. The pair reportedly entered the home without authorization and stole the two children.

According to the documents, Waters was wanted on a warrant for child abuse, domestic assault and battery in the presence of a minor out of Oklahoma. Waters allegedly abused Oaklee Snow in the past by striking the young girl and causing trauma to her lips and mouth.

Police said the warrant for his arrest was issued roughly two months before the abduction on Nov. 7, 2022.

Stolen away to Indiana, caught in Colorado

Court documents detail that police finally caught up to Roan Waters in Greenvillage Colorado on March 3 where he was arrested on his outstanding warrants after police responded to a complaint at a Best Western Hotel. Marshall had been staying with him at the motel but was no longer at the scene when police arrived.

There were no signs of either children or that children had ever been present in the hotel room.

Waters ended up being questioned by police about the disappearance of the children. He ended up telling police that he and Marshall took the children from Oklahoma to Indianapolis where his mother and sister lived.

According to court documents, Waters himself admitted to police about taking the children to a “trap house” in Indianapolis so that he and Marshall could do drugs. Waters said he and Marshall made the decision to abandon the baby at drug house and also left Oaklee “behind in Indiana,” though he wouldn’t provide any details as to where.

Oaklee Snow’s baby brother was ultimately recovered thanks to Waters’ sister and mother collecting the boy from the house on Albany Street where he had been abandoned. Waters’ sister even went on to report the abandonment of the child to DCS on Feb. 9, the same day he was picked up from the Albany Street home.

Marshall reportedly returned to Indiana after Roan Waters’ arrest with assistance from another of Waters’ family members who went to Colorado to retrieve her.

Where is Oaklee Snow?

Court documents reveal Waters’ sister told police that she had been trying to track down Oaklee Snow since discovering that Roan Waters and Marshall had abandoned the children.

Roan reportedly told his sister that they left the baby boy behind because Oaklee had fallen and hurt herself while bouncing a ball and they needed to take her to an emergency room. But Waters’ sister reportedly visited multiple hospitals in search of Oaklee but none were able to confirm the 2-year-old girl had been brought in.

Waters’ sister also told police that she recalled seeing Oaklee and her brother after they first arrived with her brother and Marshall in Indianapolis in late January. Waters’ sister noticed bruising along Oaklee’s legs and confronted Marshall and her brother about the injuries. Supposed the couple became angry and made Waters’ sister leave the house.

Waters’ sister said the last time she saw Marshall was on March 3 when Oaklee’s mother came to her house and asked if she could stay there. Waters’ sister reportedly made her a deal: She could stay if she told her where Oaklee was.

Madison Marshall reportedly refused and left the property on foot. Waters’ sister hadn’t seen or spoken to her since.

During Waters’ sister’s search for Oaklee, she uncovered what may have been the last sighting of the young girl. Waters’ sister told police she had asked neighbors at the Albany Street home if they had seen anything on the day Oaklee’s brother was left behind at the house.

One neighbor reportedly told Waters’ sister that he saw Roan Waters and Madison Marshall leaving the Albany Street house with what looked like a child wrapped in a blanket. A child that wasn’t moving.

According to Waters’ sister, both her brother and Oaklee’s mother admitted to giving up Oaklee Snow in Indianapolis, but neither would provide any details into how they had given up the child or where she might be.

As of March 16, police said Oaklee Snow still hasn’t been found despite multiple interviews and searches.

“It is believed that she is deceased and disposed of,” the IMPD investigating officer wrote.

Waters’ sister told police she feared the same.

Late Friday, IMPD confirmed a child’s remains were found in Morgan County. IMPD would not speak on if these remains are connected to Oaklee Snow’s disappearance.