EAST CHICAGO, Ind. (WANE) – East Chicago Police officers were just leaving the hospital.

They had received emergency calls about gunfire at an intersection Tuesday morning but they found nobody there when they arrived. Officers decided to check out the local hospital for possible victims, but there was nobody suffering from gunshot wounds there, either. .

That’s when a white van raced onto the emergency room ramp.

Out popped a woman carrying a boy suffering from a head wound.

Despite attempts to save his live, the boy is now the city’s latest homicide victim, having been shot in the head while he was sitting in the van when gunfire erupted at the intersection of Martin Luther King Drive and Main Street, East Chicago Police said in a Facebook post earlier this week.

The Lake County Coroner identified the boy as 7-year-old Jermiah Moore.

Inside the van with Moore at the time were three other children and two adults. Little has been released about the shooting, but police found shell casings, a firearm, blood splatter and a 30-round magazine in the van, police said.

Police are asking for witnesses to step forward.

“Any time a child is the victim of senseless gun violence it affects and saddens us all,” wrote East Chicago Police Chief Jose Rivera in a Facebook message. “Thoughts, prayers and caring emoji’s on social media will not bring the shooter to justice. We need witnesses or anyone with information to come forward and cooperate with our Detectives.”

“We can’t allow these cowardly thugs to randomly open fire in our community with impunity,” the message continued.