NEWTON COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)– It started off like any other prisoner transport.

On Wednesday, Kentland County Jail Deputies were transporting Jayme Lopez, 36, of Gary, from Iroquois County Jail in Illinois to Newton County Jail.

It was just after 10:30 a.m. when the deputies and Lopez arrived at Newton County Jail. That’s when Lopez escaped.

Officers set up a perimeter and began searching for Lopez.

Nearly 2 and a half hours later, Indiana State Troopers located Lopez at an apartment building in Kentland. The residents were quickly evacuated and police soon surrounded the building.

Jasper County Sheriff Tactical Squad arrived on the scene after investigations revealed that Lopez had obtained a gun and had gotten into an apartment unit.

Shortly after negotiations between the Jasper County Sheriff Tactical Squad and Lopez had begun, Lopez fired several shots at the officers.

A member of the Jasper County STS returned fire, striking Lopez. After surrendering to officers, Lopez was taken to a hospital in the South Bend area.

The sheriff’s office released Saturday the name of the officer involved. It was Jasper County Deputy Kevin Holm-Hansen, a seven-year veteran of the sheriff’s department and a member of the tactical squad.

Detectives from the Indiana State Police are conducting the investigation into the shooting and the escape of Lopez.