NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) — A 32-year-old New Haven man was charged with raping a 16-year old girl, then messaging her to ask if they were friends.

Justin Erdly was charged Friday with rape and sexual battery. He was held at the Allen County Jail until released Tuesday on $12,500 bond, according to court documents.

Justin Erdly

The alleged offenses took place between the 7th and 8th day of July last year. The vicim told Sgt. Howard Lininger that she’d just left a friend’s home where an adult male forced her to touch him inappropriately and then performed a sex act on her.

The probable cause affidavit written by Detective Kurtis Jeffers reported that the victim was “crying and hysterical” and taken to the Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

Meanwhile Erdly sent texts to the victim that read “We friends now lol,” “right lol?”, and “U awake haha,” court documents said.

The victim reported that the mom’s boyfriend was at the home she was visiting and that’s she’d never met him before. She’d gone over there to see the pet rabbits, she added.

When she was sitting on the couch, she drank a “Fireball Shooter,” an alcohol drink containing whiskey. While others slept, Erdly allegedly exposed his private area to her under a blanket then grabbed her hand and placed it inappropriately. He persisted in the sex acts until he fell asleep. That’s when she went to the bathroom then ran out of the house and called 911, court documents said.

Evidentiary samples were collected at the Sexual Assault Treatment Center and sent to the Indiana State Police laboratory.

During a forensic interview at the Fort Wayne Child Advocacy Center, the victim retold her story and included that she was given a Pina Colada besides the Fireball shots. She said Erdly was “intoxicated. She sat on the couch with one other person besides Erdly as they watched a movie. While they were underneath a blanket watching the movie, she said he grabbed her hand and placed it inappropriately. She got out from under the blanket so Erdly would stop. Her friend was falling to sleep on the couch when all this happened, court documents said.

Erdly left the room, but then she woke up to him performing sex acts on her, she said.

The New Haven police searched for Erdly, but did not find him at “hotels on Dupont Road,” where he was supposedly staying or at his workplace. Witnesses there that evening said they hadn’t seen him since the night the incident occurred.

Erdly has a court hearing scheduled May 23 in Allen Superior Court.