FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — It was a music video four guys were filming when an officer pulled up, responding to a call that there were men with machine guns at an Oxford Street convenience store.

The four guys were indeed waving their guns “all around in different directions,” guns in both hands,  and “dancing and jumping around” next to an Oldsmobile, Sunday around 10:40 p.m., court documents said.

Kwame Brown

Not knowing anything about a music video, Officer Mason Wills gave the men loud verbal commands to set their guns down and put their hands in the air. All of them went along with that, but Kwame Brown still had handguns stuck in his waistband.

One of Brown’s guns – a tan Glock 43 with a chrome slide – was stolen, court documents said. The Glock was fully loaded with one round in the chamber.

Brown was charged Monday with theft of a firearm.  

When Brown was detained, he was wearing a tan tactical style vest that resembled body armor. He told the officers on the scene – more were called in for backup – that everyone was there to film a music video. He asked all the guys to come and bring “someone else with a decent camera.”

Brown told the officer he bought his guns from Freedom Firearms and claimed to have receipts for both of them, but didn’t have them with him, court documents said.

Then he changed his story and said the Glock 43 was purchased from a woman who wanted to get rid of it. He said the seller had a gun permit and he’d bought it from her and not from Freedom Firearms. Brown said he didn’t know the woman’s name, but he said he had the receipt and it was at his mother’s house, but he didn’t live with his mom anymore.

The other gun, a silver Taurus Judge .410/.44 “long colt” was unloaded, court documents said.

The probable cause doesn’t indicate that anyone else was arrested, even though some of them didn’t have a gun permit. The gun permit law expires Friday.

Brown was released on his own recognizance after his arrest. He has a court hearing Thursday.