(WANE) — Police reports from the Kendallville Police Department (KPD) and Allen County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD) show Kendallville shooting standoff suspect Michael Emmons had numerous encounters with police since 2021.

WANE 15 newsgathering partner KPC Media obtained 10 police reports from the KPD of neighbor complaints directed toward Emmons, although none of the incidents resulted in criminal cases.

Some of the incidents ranged from a “possible threatening letter” to people claiming Emmons had shot an arrow from his balcony into the ground.

On Friday, WANE 15 received a police report from the ACSD detailing the events that led to Emmons being arrested in Allen County on a misdemeanor charge of unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle.

On July 8, 2021, dispatchers received a call saying Emmons was reportedly entering a vehicle on the lot of Fox Contractors Corp. near Fort Wayne International Airport.

When police arrived at the scene, they were informed that Emmons had gone into the bathroom in a nearby building.

Authorities asked Emmons to leave the bathroom and he eventually complied.

According to the police report, Emmons told police that he owned the business and had entered the building and vehicle to conduct an inspection before saying he had not taken any drugs or alcohol prior to arriving at the business.

Then, Emmons reportedly told officers, “I am God,” and ordered an officer at the scene to kill another officer before authorities placed Emmons under arrest, according to the police report.

The police reports obtained by KPC Media showed that Kendallville police were aware of Emmons’ warrant in Allen County — stemming from Emmons failing to appear in court for the July 2021 incident — following an encounter with him on Nov. 2, 2022.

Multiple KPD police reports also reference Emmons referring to himself as “God.”

Indiana’s red flag law, which allows police to petition a court to seize a person’s firearms due to safety concerns, was never initiated because police weren’t aware that Emmons owned guns, KPD Chief Lance Waters told The News Sun.

Indiana State Police (ISP) retrieved multiple firearms from Emmons’ apartment after the end of the standoff, although it is not known how many weapons Emmons owned.

“Even with the dealings we had with this individual, something like this was not on the radar,” Waters said.

Sergeant Brian Walker with ISP said the standoff involving Emmons ended shortly after 6 a.m. Thursday. Emmons was taken into custody but died in the ambulance as medics were treating him.