FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — A Fort Wayne man faces a felony charge after reportedly using a pen with a “spy-type” camera to film victims in public restrooms, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

On July 29, someone discovered a box with a hole cut out that contained a pen with a hidden camera, according to court documents.

The box and pen were found in an employee restroom at an unnamed business, and after investigating the pen, someone found a microSD card and looked through its files.

According to court documents, a video on the microSD card showed a woman undressed while using the restroom.

The video also reportedly showed 28-year-old Geoffrey Mogere, an employee at the business, setting up the camera.

The person who first viewed the contents of the hidden camera told police Mogere reportedly also worked at other businesses similar to the one where the camera had been discovered.

According to court documents, the microSD also contained other files that showed at least one other location and at least three more victims.

Mogere received a single charge of voyeurism, which is a Level 6 felony.