TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A former NFL tight end was arrested Friday in Ybor City, Florida, after he pulled a gun on two law enforcement officers during a parking dispute, arrest documents said.

According to the Tampa Police Department, Orson Charles, who previously played with the Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, and several other NFL teams, got into an argument with two officers as the two parties attempted to park their vehicles in a parking lot near East 8th Avenue and North 19th Street in Ybor City.

Arrest documents alleged that Charles walked up to the officers while they were sitting in their vehicle and pulled a black pistol from under his shirt. He then held the gun at his side and said “What you trying to do?”

The victims then identified themselves as law enforcement officers and showed Charles their badges.

Charles then told the officers, “I don’t give a f—. I have one in the head,” documents said.

Out of fear of being shot, the officers left the parking spot and immediately reported the argument to an off-duty Hillsborough County sheriff’s deputy. According to a news release, the officer kept their eyes on Charles until he was arrested.

When authorities searched Charles, they reportedly found a pistol with an expired CCF permit and a misdemeanor amount of marijuana.

Charles was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a controlled substance, and introduction of contraband into a detention facility.

An investigation is ongoing.

According to an ESPN report, Charles was arrested in 2014 in what police believed was a road rage incident involving a handgun. The report said Charles brandished a firearm in another victim’s direction several times as they drove down a highway in Richmond, Ky.

Charles is an alum of the Henry B. Plant High School in Tampa, according to Fandom.com. He played for the Georgia Bulldogs before being drafted in the fourth round of the 2012 draft by the Cincinnati Bengals. During his NFL career, Charles also spent time with the Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, and the New Orleans Saints.