Driver who ‘always wanted to be a cop’ arrested for impersonating one

Collin J. Hamlin

Collin J. Hamlin

LAKE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) A 21-year-old man is facing multiple charges, including a felony count of impersonating a law enforcement officer, after an Indiana State Police trooper witnessed him driving on an interstate with emergency lights on.

According to a news release from Indiana State Police, the trooper was patrolling I-80/90 in Lake County Sunday evening when he saw a Jeep going west at a high rate of speed with red and blue emergency lights. The trooper was able to catch up and clocked the vehicle at more than 90 mph. He ran a computer check on the Jeep which showed it was not a law enforcement vehicle.

The trooper then was able to pass the Jeep to get a look inside and the Jeep passed his police car, not realizing the unmarked Charger belonged to a trooper.

The trooper than stopped the Jeep and as he approached it he saw the driver frantically trying to unplug the flashing lights from a power outlet.

The driver, Collin J. Hamlin, of Lansing, Illinois was placed under arrest. He told the trooper that he had wanted to be a cop ever since he had been a junior cadet with a police department in Illinois.

Hamlin faces a felony count of Impersonation of a Law Enforcement Officer and other charges including reckless driving.

An Illinois man could be facing jail time for pursuing his dream of being a cop after police say he impersonated one Sunday on an Indiana interstate.
Photo of vehicle with illegal emergency lights provided by Indiana State Police.

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