FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — When Fort Wayne officers found the victim lying in the woods off McCormick Avenue, they rolled him over to find he’d been shot in the chest.

William J. Kintzel, 63, of South Whitley had been battered with a gun before he was shot several times in the chest, according to court documents. Sgt. Matt Wilson, head of Fort Wayne homicide, told WANE 15 Saturday that detectives determined Kintzel was killed Sunday, April 10, but his body wasn’t discovered until Thursday around 7:20 p.m.

Anthony J. Lopez

Police reported that two minors happened upon his body.

Anthony J. Lopez, 41 was charged Monday with murder. He was booked into the Allen County Jail around 6 p.m. Saturday and was scheduled to appear in court Monday.

Detectives tracked Lopez and his associate, Michael A. Barker, with surveillance video obtained from a neighbor who lives south of the woods on McCormick that intersect with Birchwood Drive. Other video was obtained from a Dollar General store in the 6400 block of East State Boulevard where the two drove Kintzel’s vehicle after he was killed.

The neighbor’s video showed Kintzel driving a 2021 silver Dodge Durango on McCormick Avenue with another man sitting behind him with an “identifiable haircut” and a third person sitting in the front seat. The probable cause doesn’t identify April 10 as the date of the video, but the date was provided by Sgt. Wilson.

The neighbor’s video shows a man emerging from the woods. That information corroborates what a neighbor witnessed. He told WANE 15 he saw a silver SUV parked on McCormick. He heard gunshots and then saw a man come out of the woods with a hooded sweatshirt and face covering. Then the two men took off with Barker driving, court documents said. Barker had a razor cut.


The neighbor told WANE that the shots seemed to come from a small caliber gun and he thought he might have confused the noise with firecrackers. He also said it’s not unusual to hear gunshots in the area.

Kintzel’s killer left Kintzel with his car keys around his neck on a lanyard and his driver’s license. Detectives located Kintzel’s Durango at a tow lot after being towed on April 13 from the shopping center complex on East State Boulevard. Camera surveillance notes that Lopez and Barker went into several stores. At the Dollar General store, they bought bleach and Clorox wipes, then cleaned the SUV, court documents said.

Once they cleaned up the vehicle, Lopez and Barker walked away from the Durango. Lopez was identified as the suspect who carried a Dollar General store plastic bag to a dumpster behind Ziffles and threw it away as he looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then he took off his jacket and threw that away in the dumpster, too. The dumpsters were emptied April 11, court documents said.

Since they’d left the key fob with Kintzel’s body, the two men were unable to use the Durango.

After police released their photos, an officer identified Lopez and a number of citizens who named Barker as the second suspect, court documents said. As of Monday afternoon, Barker had not been booked into the jail.