FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – She wasn’t in the video.

Her father, though, caught her watching it on TikTok.

And he didn’t like what he saw.

His 10-year-old daughter on her phone seeing her cousin twerking.

So he asked his daughter to stand in the corner of the bedroom and raise her arms. Meanwhile, he chose between two belts he had laid on the bed. He eventually used both.

The man in that narrative, 30-year-old Christopher J. Bunch, is now facing felony charges of neglect of a dependent and domestic battery for the beating he’s accused of giving his daughter.

Allen County Prosecutors formally charged Bunch on Monday and warrant for his arrest has been issued, though jail records show he has yet to be booked into Allen County Lockup.

Bunch’s daughter was staying with him in June of last year because her mother caught her speaking with a boy, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

At some point, Bunch caught her watching a video of her cousin twerk.

Once that happened, Bunch asked his father – who happened to be at the home – for two belts, according to court documents. He had his daughter stand in a corner and swirled one of the belts in front of her, she later told investigators.

Bunch is accused of at first beating her on the upper part of her right leg. Then he hit her on her lower leg and arms when she tried to block the belt from hitting her. The room was so hot she said she almost passed out.

“If you pass out, I’m going to stomp and whip on you til you wake up,” she said her father told her, according to court documents.

The girl told investigators she was allowed a bathroom break. When she came back, Bunch used the bigger of the two belts, according to court documents.

Afterward, she limped to the shower, according to court documents. She was given a dirty mattress, no sheets and no pillow for a bed, but only a blanket. The girl told investigators her father said she was lucky she was getting that.

The next morning, the girl said her father made her run back and forth down the street even though her legs were in pain. The next day, he made her run two miles to a local YMCA.

Then he took her to another fitness center and demanded she do more exercises.

He’s accused of refusing her water and food and sanitary conditions, according to court documents.

Finally, the girl borrowed her grandfather’s phone and called her mother.

Fort Wayne Police were then involved.