FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — One of the two victims sitting in a maroon Kia Sorento at the Shell gas station was talking on his cell phone to a girl named “sis.”

Then he hung up the phone.

That’s when Omar Logan came up on them and opened fire court documents said.

Omar Logan

The man on the phone, Joseph Thomas, was shot multiple times and ended up in life threatening condition. The other victim, Taron Swazer, got shot in his left leg, according to a probable cause affidavit written by homicide detective Luke MacDonald.

Logan, of the 4000 block of Hessen Cassel Road, was formally charged Thursday with two counts of attempted murder, battery resulting in serious bodily injury and using a firearm in the commission of a crime, a charge that can add up to 20 years on a sentence if convicted.

Logan was wearing all blue when he came around the southeast corner of the gas station on Hessen Cassel Road, approaching the Kia around 10:50 p.m. on Feb. 7. When he got to the passenger side, Logan pulled out a handgun and fired several shots into the Kia. Then he fled, court documents said.

Thomas and Swazer both got out of the driver’s side door. Detectives and officers were familiar with Logan and identified him from the gas station video, court documents said.

Detectives went through Thomas’ Facebook messenger and found messages between Thomas and Logan under the profile name Shiesty Shiesty. In the messages, Thomas offered to sell Logan some narcotics and asked him to meet him at his father’s house in Fort Wayne. Logan, who said he was at the Three Fountains apartment complex nearby, claimed that something was wrong with his truck and asked Joseph to come to the gas station.

A witness told MacDonald that Logan told her about the shooting and that Logan “had a problem” with Joseph whose Facebook name was “Joeblow” and that Joseph had sent Logan threatening messages in the past. When Joseph offered to sell him drugs, Logan said he was suspicious because the price for the drugs was so low, court documents said.

Logan told the woman that when he went up to the car to meet with “Joeblow” he got nervous because he saw a passenger in the back reach down and then tap “Joeblow,” making him think he might have a gun.

Logan felt he was in danger and “had no choice but to protect himself,” he told her.

After he shot his gun at the occupants in the Kia, Logan said walked away, not knowing what to do. Then he went back to his mother’s residence where detectives found the distinct blue jacket Logan wore in the surveillance video, court documents said.

Logan is being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of $110,000 bail. His next court hearing is Monday.