FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The device was a “spherical ball” that contained what looked like a powdery substance with a fuse that ran to the powder, according to Allen Superior Court documents.

The suspect, Jordan Tyler Fairchild, reportedly told police the device was “dangerous” and that he was nervous when he built it.

Now, after reportedly threatening his ex-girlfriend with the device, which one officer called a “bomb,” Fairchild is facing multiple felony charges related to intimidation and possessing a “destructive device.”

On Monday, the Fort Wayne Police Department (FWPD) responded to reports of a domestic disturbance and learned that Fairchild had reportedly sent threatening messages to the woman, including threats to bomb her while at her job, according to court documents.

“She played with fire. Now, it’s my turn,” Fairchild reportedly said in one of the messages.

Fairchild also reportedly sent a photo to the woman that depicted the “spherical ball” with a fuse, according to court documents, and the woman told the FWPD that Fairchild would use the device on police.

Police eventually located Fairchild, who had exited a vehicle and started walking away, detained him and started searching the vehicle.

Authorities reportedly found a tool bag inside the vehicle that contained the device shown in the photo, according to court documents.

Two FWPD bomb technicians examined the device using an x-ray, and one of the bomb technicians determined the device was a “bomb.”

During an interview with police, Fairchild reportedly said the device could “break bones and damage internal organs,” according to court documents.

Fairchild now faces three felony charges relating to the reported incident:

  • Intimidation where the defendant uses or draws a deadly weapon – Level 5 felony
  • Intimidation where the defendant threatens to commit a “forcible felony” – Level 6 felony
  • Possession of a destructive device with knowledge or intent to kill, injure, intimidate or destroy property – Level 2 felony

Fairchild has a court hearing set for Friday.