FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) When the special deputy arrived at the alleged violator’s home for an unannounced visit, he was hit with the strong smell of marijuana coming from inside the apartment.

The visit on March 22 around 2 p.m. was part of routine operation for someone accepted into Allen County Community Corrections. Special deputy Kayle Schlemmer, had been alerted that Camari A. Mitchell, 19, was a “flight risk ” by a Fort Wayne Police Department detective, court documents said.

Mitchell, who lives alone and is currently unemployed, according to the probable cause affidavit written by Schlemmer, read and signed the General Rules and Special Conditions packet as well as the Consent for Search and Seizure Packet in front of a member of the Allen County Community Corrections staff, Schlemmer wrote.

Monday, Mitchell, of the 4100 block of Wayne Trace, was charged with felony dealing in marijuana with a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession. He had been placed on Community Corrections home detention on March 3 for a misdemeanor charge for carrying a handgun without a license.

The officer said while he was talking to Mitchell and his girlfriend in the living room, Mitchell put his hands behind his back where there was a red comforter because the girlfriend said she was cold. A digital scale containing marijuana fell out of the red comforter on to the floor. Schlemmer and the other officer read Mitchell his Miranda rights and Mitchell agreed to speak with them. He said his brother had left the scale at his home earlier that day, court documents said.

An unknown number of officers searched the apartment and pried open a floor vent in the upstairs bathroom. They found a white plastic grocery bag with a clear plastic baggie. In it, there was 17.2 grams of marijuana, or about a half ounce. In the same vent, officers found four more baggies with marijuana totaling 15.9 grams.

Mitchell said it was his own weed.

Mitchell was taken to the Allen County Jail because he violated the conditions of Community Corrections. On Tuesday, a jail spokesman said Mitchell was released on his own recognizance when it came to the dealing charge, but was being held on the misdemeanor gun charge until May 30.

Tuesday, Mitchell was one of about 200 violators held at the jail – 19 community corrections violators, six Circuit Court probation violators, 177 probation violators, four re-entry court violators and five inmates released to a community corrections agent. Total inmate population was 842, including 29 in lock-up.

Special deputies are hired by Allen County Community Corrections, but operate under the authority of the Allen County Sheriff. They are allowed to carry guns and are called field service officers, according to a sheriff’s department spokesman.