FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)– Their Modus Operandi was the same every time. One person would distract the cashier, and the other one would walk out of the store, goods in tow.

That’s how Allen Superior Court documents describe a duo’s shop and dash scheme at several area grocery and convenience stores.

Richard D. Charlton

Now, one of them is facing felony charges.

Allen County Prosecutors on Thursday formally charged 62-year-old Richard D. Charlton in four separate cases.

He’s facing two felony counts of theft and one felony count of robbery. Prosecutors also charged him with a misdemeanor count of criminal conversion, to which he pleaded guilty.

A woman accused of working with Charlton has not yet been formally charged.

The pair first targeted a Meijer on Lima Rd for $180 worth of kids’ clothing and groceries. On March 8, Charlton was seen bagging items as the cashier finished ringing them up at the same Meijer. He walked out of the store with the goods, leaving the woman to pay for the items, according to court documents.

After Charlton left, the woman attempted to pay but her card got declined. The woman told the cashier that her “spouse” would be back to pay and then walked off.

On April 13, the pair hit two stores. The first was a Walmart on Lima Road, where they left with $549 of merchandise. The second was at a Dollar General on South Anthony Boulevard, where upon exiting the store, they were confronted by an employee who attempted to stop the pair. Charlton put his hand on the waistband of his pants, implying that he had a gun before leaving with the stolen items.

That prompted the robbery charge.

Police arrested Charlton on May 11.

He is currently serving a 20-day sentence in jail on his conversion guilty plea. It’s unclear when Charlton’s next court date will take place.