FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Clubbing was on the agenda the night a local man was shot dead in his car while he was sleeping.

Torrese Bobo
Torrese Bobo

Torrese Bobo, 23, was charged with murder Friday in the shooting death of Daniel Nolan, 33, around 6 a.m. May 2, 2021.

He is the second man charged with Nolan’s death. Tony Jackson, 30, identified as Bobo’s brother, was charged in July 2021.

Nolan apparently knew both men. The night Nolan was killed, Jackson was working as a deejay at The 19th Hole Bar and Grill, but met up with a woman and his brother.

Bobo was with some friends at Club 44, where Nolan showed up that night, according to a probable cause affidavit written by a Fort Wayne homicide detective.

Nolan and a friend arrived at the strip club and Nolan pointed out a few “subjects” who were there and warned his friend to keep an eye on them because they were the ones that had stolen from him in the past.

When Nolan and his friend were leaving around 3 a.m., those subjects started to “mean mug” him and got into an argument, but club security separated them and told them to leave, court documents said.

Tony Jackson is at the Allen County Jail, charged in the same homicide as his brother.

In one recorded club incident, video shows a guy in a black shirt “slap Daniel’s hand down,” and that guy is Bobo, court documents said.

There followed a night of driving around and some talk about going to buy weed from Nolan, even though he wasn’t known to sell it.

His friend found Nolan at the barbershop at the corner of South Lafayette Street and McKinnie Avenue sleeping in his car that was running with the lights on. Nolan, who was reportedly intoxicated, had passed out in the driver’s seat with his gun on his lap.

Meanwhile, video exists showing Jackson and a female show up where Nolan is sleeping in his car at the barbershop and then leave.

Nolan’s friend woke him up and got him to drive home, because he didn’t want to leave him there like that, court documents said. The friend made a Snapchat video of it and gave it to the homicide detective.

They eventually got him home and left him sleeping in his car in the 3500 block of South Hanna Street. That was the last time they saw him alive, court documents said.

After Nolan was followed home by his friend who noted he was parked in front of his home, video surveillance from around Nolan’s neighborhood shows two men walking in an alley. Gunshots are heard and then they run to a Saturn Vue with dark tinted windows and black rims and get in, fleeing down South Monroe Street. The car was driven by the same woman in the earlier video, court documents said.

Another surveillance video shows two men come from the alley, walk slowly up to Nolan’s car, start shooting and then run off behind the Marathon gas station at the southwest corner of South Hanna and Oxford streets. The video shows no interaction between the men and Nolan.

Detectives noted that all the shell casings at the scene were grouped together as if the firing occurred before they reached the vehicle and the tight grouping of the bullet holes suggest the shooter was stationary for most of the shots.

Neither the driver’s side nor passenger side windows were down indicating that Nolan did not talk to anyone before he was shot.

It seemed to be a premeditated murder with Tony walking over to make sure Nolan was asleep, court documents said.

During a police interview Thursday, Bobo denied shooting him.

Both Jackson and Bobo are being held without bond at the Allen County Jail.