The accused drug dealer was staying with his folks after a car crash in late April inflicted severe internal injuries.

The injuries didn’t appear to stop the illegal activities, according to a probable cause affidavit. When Shane Andrew McLaughlin, 37, got raided by Fort Wayne Vice & Narcotics on July 28, officers found drugs alongside a shelf with his medical supplies, colostomy bags and paperwork.

McLaughlin was charged Monday with four counts of dealing methamphetamine, two counts dealing fentanyl, narcotic drug possession and methamphetamine possession with misdemeanor charges for unlawful possession of a firearm by a domestic batterer and marijuana possession.

Three buys with confidential informants preceded the raid. Between April 8 and April 18, a confidential informant bought a total of 14.1 grams of meth and 5 grams of fentanyl. As little as 2 milligrams of fentanyl is considered a lethal dose by experts and law enforcement, or the equivalent of 2 grains of salt.

The three buys would likely be called “eight balls” with 3.5 grams of meth, although the third was 7.1 grams or two “eight balls.” The additional fentanyl was in quantities of 2 grams or one gram, court documents said.

Shane McLaughlin

Nate Moellering of Fort Wayne Recovery said an eight-ball would last two to four days for the average user. However, “how long it lasts depends on the person or persons using it and also how string it is.”

At the raid, which took place at 6 a.m. and included the Fort Wayne Police Department’s SWAT team, turned up other items including four firearms, one which was holstered on the top shelf of the living room where McLaughlin lived.

Drugs and guns were found in a Champion bag hidden between a futon and multi-tiered corner shelf upon which were McLaughlin’s medical supplies, including the colostomy bags. According to court documents, McLaughlin’s mother told police that her son’s injuries were so severe he required colostomy surgery with the insertion of a colostomy bag.

Inside the Champion bag were 108 grams of marijuana, an owner’s manual for a Taurus handgun stashed in a nearby closet, a digital scale with residue that tested positive for meth, small zip lock bags typically used for packaging narcotics, 2.7 grams of fentanyl, THC wax and keys to a locked gun box that contained a firearm in a closet.

Under one of the futon pillows, a small plastic bag contained .3 grams of meth and in a white compact mirror, .1 grams of meth.

Also, in the closet near the futon police found mens’ shirts, flat bill hats – baseball type hats with a wide stiff brim – and men’s cologne, besides four firearms.

McLaughlin’s mother told police that she and her husband lived at the location along with two grandsons between 6 and 9 years old.

When an officer asked the family if McLaughlin was known to possess firearms, one of the boys nodded ‘yes’ and “put up three fingers.” The other boy also nodded ‘yes.’

Then McLaughlin’s mom said that “anything in the living room closet near the futon was “‘not anything of ours’.” She added that McLaughlin had been living there temporarily and sleeping on the futon ever since he was released from the hospital.

A warrant was issued for McLaughlin’s arrest. According to Mobile Patrol, a law enforcement app, he was still at large as of Monday.