BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Police arrested a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his Bloomington apartment over the weekend.

Court records indicated 28-year-old Shubham Bipin Kumar was charged with two counts of rape on Monday.

Police said the investigation began on Aug. 6 after they received a report from a Bloomington hospital where a woman was claiming she had just been sexually assaulted.

The probable cause affidavit provided details from the interview. The woman told police she and Kumar were both at a local bar when Kumar, a stranger, approached her and offered some kind of “pink alcoholic drink.”

The woman added that she did consume the drink. Later on, Kumar tried to kiss her but she pulled away and told him “no” and that “she didn’t do one-night stands.”

Later that night, the woman said she began feeling “very intoxicated” and wanted to leave. She told Kumar she wanted to go home and he offered to get her an Uber.

According to court documents, Kumar then walked the woman to the front door; she had put her arm over his shoulder to get down the stairs so “she wouldn’t fall.” The woman gave Kumar her address because he was getting an Uber for her to go home.

Court documents stated Kumar changed the address and had the Uber take them to his place instead. Once there, the woman said she fell asleep in a bedroom but detailed several instances of sexual contact that she stated she didn’t consent to.

This included when Kumar forced her to perform “oral sex” after she woke back up for approximately 10 minutes and fondled her genitals.

She also stated that her clothes were off even though she remembered falling asleep “with all her clothes on.”

Eventually, she had Kumar call another Uber to take her home. She instead had the driver take her to the hospital, where she told nurses and law enforcement what happened that night.

Police said they later interviewed Kumar, who admitted to sexually fondling the woman and told investigators she “performed oral sex on him.” He said she never told him “no” in any way, according to court documents.

Kumar also stated the two were “grinding” on each other while naked but couldn’t elaborate because of his “level of intoxication.”

After the interview, officers booked Kumar into the Monroe County Jail. He was charged with rape when the victim is unaware of the defendant’s actions, a Level 3 felony; and rape when the victim is mentally disabled or deficient, also a Level 3 felony.

A pretrial conference was scheduled for Oct. 3 at 2:15 p.m.