FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – They first went looking for the man and woman at a music studio on Anthony Boulevard.

Swanyea Taylor and Rapheal Brown, both 23, pulled up in a black Toyota four-door sedan just as the owner of the studio stepped outside Tuesday night. They immediately asked him, according to court documents, “are you the new dude?”

The owner walked back inside and told 18-year-old Jocelyn M. Bolf and the man she was with inside the studio that Taylor – the father of her child – and Brown were outside looking for them. Bolf and the man eventually left the studio later that evening.

An hour later, just after 7 p.m., the owner heard gunshots outside.

Those are details in newly released Allen Superior Court documents shedding light on the death of Bolf, who emergency crews found shot in the head inside a crashed vehicle near the permanently closed Corner Store on Anthony Boulevard.

The scene of an apparent ambush shooting that left 18-year-old Jocelyn Bolf dead .

The man she was with was beside her, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds and in critical condition.

Taylor, Brown and another man, identified as 31-year-old Rashun Carter, are now charged in the double shooting and accused of ambushing the pair after they left the music studio, according to court documents.

Witnesses would later tell investigators in court documents that Taylor and Bolf were having “baby mama drama” prior to the shooting.

Taylor, Brown and Carter all face preliminary charges of murder, attempted murder and criminal recklessness and are being held in Allen County Jail.

According to court documents, the three were driven to the recording studio in the black Toyota they were seen in earlier by Brown’s pregnant girlfriend.

Brown, armed with an AR rifle, sat in the front seat while Taylor and Carter brandished handguns in the backseat, according to court documents.

As they drove by the studio, Brown is accused of sticking his head out of the sunroof and firing shots at the building. The other two fired shots out the window from the backseat, according to court documents.

Afterward, the trio spotted a vehicle associated with Bolf and the man she was with parked behind the Corner Store lot. They stopped and all three men got out of the Toyota and opened fire on the vehicle, according to court documents.

Brown admitted in an interview with police he could see Bolf in the passenger seat and the man she was with in the driver’s seat, according to court documents. In court documents, Brown said he was aiming at the man. His girlfriend would tell police later Brown said he thought he had killed Bolf because the man she was with moved, according to court documents.

The shooting was also captured on surveillance camera, showing Taylor and Carter also firing shots into the vehicle, court documents said.

All three men then fled in the black Toyota driven by Brown’s girlfriend.

About an hour after the shooting, Taylor began sending messages to a friend about the shooting, saying that a man and woman had been shot and the woman had died. At the time, Bolf’s death was not public knowledge, according to court documents.

Taylor continued to message the friend over and over, telling him he needed to “find out if his baby mama is ok,” according to court documents.

Brown’s girlfriend would later tell police all three “started freaking out” when news reports of Bolf’s death began to circulate, according to court documents. The three men changed their clothes and dumped the clothes they had been wearing into a garbage bag with the intention of burning them.

Fort Wayne Police zeroed in on the three men after hearing a description of the vehicle and because the owner of the studio was able to identify Brown and Taylor.

Investigators traced the vehicle to Brown’s girlfriend, and then set up watch outside her apartment complex. They watched the black Toyota arrive at the apartment complex sometime after the shooting.

Officers then pulled the Toyota over after they watched it drive away.

Taylor and Carter were inside, along with spent shell casings just inside the door. A search of the apartment they had just been in turned up two handguns as well as an AR rifle, according to court documents.

In an interview with detectives, Taylor admitted to being in the Toyota when shots were fired at the studio as well as the shooting outside the Corner Store. He did not seemingly admit to firing any shots in court documents, however.

All three men are being held without bond and due in court for a hearing on Jan. 9.