FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne teenager who was charged as an adult in a 2022 shooting entered a plea agreement Thursday that would dismiss an attempted murder charge.

Naing Ngwe, a 16-year-old boy, has entered a plea of guilty that would land him 15 years in prison, and probation for five years after that, court documents show. In March, the boy was charged in an October case in south Fort Wayne involving two victims from Indianapolis, one of whom was shot in the chest and sent to the hospital in critical condition.

A man accused of being with Naing, 19-year-old Riley Irving, faced the same charges and accepted a plea deal in July that would give him a 25-year sentence.

Naing Ngwe
Naing Ngwe

Court documents said the two victims- visiting the city to meet up with someone- were ordered into an apartment and surrounded by people with guns who went through their pockets and took their wallets. The two were then ordered out of the apartment at gunpoint and put in the back of a car driven by Irving with Naing- who was 15 at the time- in the passenger seat.

The victims were taken to an ATM, where one was ordered to withdraw money from their debit card and another was told to make a transfer on CashApp. Back in the car, one of the victims started strangling Irving and was shot as the other victim ran.

Naing’s sentence would run at the same time– 20 years with 5 years suspended for the count of Level 2 felony robbery, and 10 years for Level 3 felony robbery, adding up to 15 years total behind bars.

If the plea deal is accepted by a judge, charges of attempted murder and criminal confinement would be dismissed at the sentencing on Sept. 8.