FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A Fort Wayne man is accused of acting like he had a gun to pressure a girl walking to school into his car before forcing her into a sex act, according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents.

Allen County prosecutors on Thursday formally charged 33-year-old Tyler A. Gayden with sexual misconduct with a minor, child solicitation and criminal confinement.

Gayden is accused of parking his car on Tennessee Avenue one morning last month so that it blocked the path where the street splits into Crescent Avenue near the Burger Dairy II convenience store.

Tyler A. Gayden

He’s then accused of calling to a girl in the area, court documents said.

The girl, who is younger than 16 and did not know Gayden, later told investigators in court documents she was walking to school and that Gayden had his hand near his hip as if he had a gun.

She told investigators Gayden said he “didn’t have bad intentions” and repeatedly told her to get into the car.

After the girl got into the car, Gayden is accused of driving her to a park where he forced her to perform a sex act. At one point, the girl was able to get out her phone and take a picture of Gayden without him knowing, according to court documents.

Gayden gave the girl his phone number and sent her on her way, court documents said. She told him she went to a different school than where she actually attends, and then hid from him in the park until he drove away, she later told investigators.

When she arrived at the school, the girl told a nurse what happened and school administrators quickly got involved. A Fort Wayne police officer working at the school spoke to the girl while the department’s detective bureau and the Indiana Department of Child Services were both notified.

The girl provided the photo she took of Gayden inside the car and mapped out to investigators where he took her that morning, according to court documents. She also described the car he drove, court documents said.

Officers canvassed the area of Tennessee and Crescent avenues and found Gayden driving the car the girl described in interviews with investigators. The items inside the car also matched the photo the girl provided, court documents said.

When one investigator called the phone number the girl said Gayden had given her, the number went to Gayden’s cell phone, court documents said.

Investigators took some items to be tested for DNA – with results pending – and then arrested Gayden about three weeks after the incident.

He’s being held in Allen County Jail on $30,000 bond.