FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – An 18-year-old man who, according to his friends and family, planned on going into the U.S. Marines, has been charged with murder.

Kyree Lamar Warren, of Fort Wayne, was charged Thursday with murder in the Sunday shooting death of Montreale Cornelius Turner, 44, at a home in the 1000 block of Rockhill Street.

The Allen County Coroner’s office said Turner died from one shot that entered the left side of his abdomen, according to newly released Allen Superior Court documents.

Members of Warren’s family created a GoFundMe to help pay for Warren’s legal defense. The GoFundMe page has since been taken down.

According to court documents, Warren himself called 911. He told dispatchers he shot Turner “because he hit and pushed his mother,” court documents said.

“Please get some help here,” Warren told the dispatcher in court documents.

He also told a dispatcher Turner “was grabbin’ on her too much so I shot him. I’m sorry,” according to court documents.

Warren’s mother told police Turner was drinking heavily and couldn’t find his car keys. She called Warren and asked him to come over because of Turner’s behavior and that Turner “had a gun in his pocket.”

She also said in court documents Turner grabbed a broom and “started to hit her with the bristle portion of it.”

Officers at the scene after the shooting, however, didn’t see any injuries on her, court documents said.

In an interview with detectives, Warren told police he accepted his punishment. He said he got a call from his mother asking him to come to his home because Turner was intoxicated, court documents said.

Warren claims in court documents a man he identified as his “father figure” gave him a .357 magnum revolver “for protection” before he left for his mother’s home, court documents said.

Warren also said that he told his girlfriend “If (Turner) does something stupid, I’m gonna have to shoot him,” according to court documents.

Warren said he arrived at the home on Rockhill and sat in his truck for a while before entering the home. He claimed in an interview with detectives Turner was drunk and arguing with his mother. As Warren sat in the living room, he heard a commotion in the kitchen, where his mother and Turner were arguing, court documents said.

“The defendant stated that (Turner and his mother) exited the kitchen and he saw Turner with a broomstick and grabbing her face and ‘I shot him,'” a detective wrote in court documents.

“As soon as he touched her, I shot his (expletive),” Warren told detectives in court documents.

Warren told detectives Turner grabbed his mother and pushed her against a storm door and then was “still coming” so he shot him a gain, court documents said.

Then he gave his gun to his mother and called police, court documents said. He told detectives he believed he was 10 feet away from Turner when he shot him.

Turner was found near a doorframe about 12-14 feet away from where the assault took place, court documents said. The trajectory of the bullet that entered the door frame looked to have been fired from the living room area as described by Warren to police.

Detectives believe Turner was shot as he faced away from Warren and his mother, court documents said.

Police found a .357 magnum revolver in the home as well as two other handguns found on top of the kitchen cabinets. Police also found a lightweight metal/plastic broom in the living room.

“It’s just sad and it breaks my heart,” said Kyle Bradford, who describes herself as Warren’s stepmom.

Neighbors said Thursday that they weren’t aware of any family strife in the home. One neighbor said she saw Kyree pop in from time to time, taking in the garbage bins. The victim was friendly to neighbors and often grilled outside, offering his neighbors food, they said.

Warren turned himself in at police headquarters days after the shooting.