FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Maybe he had visions of making it big in the world of hip hop music.

Maybe he just wanted to impress his friends.

Whatever the case, a 19-year-old man accused of livestreaming himself rapping while firing a gun outside a vehicle during a shooting escapade through the southeast side certainly caught someone’s attention.

In his case, it happened to be that of Fort Wayne Police officers.

Devin Weaver, aka “shot4shotspas”

And now he’s in jail facing felony charges.

Devin Weaver was preliminarily charged this week with felony counts of criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, unlawful carrying of a handgun with a prior felony, unlawful possession of a firearm by a domestic batterer and resisting law enforcement.

According to an Allen Superior Court probable cause affidavit, two officers patrolling the southeast side early Wednesday morning just after 1 a.m. were made aware of a live social media video making the rounds on Instagram showing someone going by the handle “shot4shotpas” rapping while shooting a gun out of a vehicle.

One of the officers noted in the probable cause affidavit he recognized “shot4shotspas” as Weaver.

Devin, as the officer called him in court documents, was traveling through a populated area “pointing a Glock pistol at the camera while riding around in a vehicle and rapping.” It appeared a female driver was behind the wheel of the vehicle, court documents said.

“Two more shots before we get downtown,” Devin told the driver in the video as they sped by homes and buildings. While officers watched, Devin shot one round out of the window. Not long after, he squeezed off two more as the vehicle passed houses, court documents said.

In the video, the officers could see the muzzle flash from the barrel of the gun and shell casings ejecting.

It wasn’t easy to figure out where he was driving until the duo parked the car.

The female driver got out of the car and started dancing while Devin grabbed her rear end, court documents said. In the background there was a CVS sign, which made it easier for police to locate them. The officers ascertained they were at the CVS in the 2800 block of East State Boulevard and immediately called their cohorts with the Northeast quadrant.

In the video, Devin went inside the CVS and, at one point, put down his phone. Officers saw him with the gun grip and extended magazine hanging out of his pocket, court documents said. In the video, he removed the firearm from his pocket and showed it to the camera.

As an officer neared the CVS, Devin walked out of the store, looking around and appearing “nervous or frightened,” court documents said.

“Oooo, the police are here. I got the Glock on me,” he said, according to court documents. He then told someone to unlock the car. With the red and blue emergency lights flashing on camera, Weaver said in the video:

“Tell them you have the constitutional right to carry.”

That’s when the video cuts to the end.

Officers found a Glock 19 underneath the seat of the gray Chevy Impala with a gray slide, grip sleeve and extended Magpul brand magazine, the gun seen in the video. There was a total of 25 rounds left out of a possible 28, accounting for the three shots fired.

Weaver was being held at the Allen County Jail in lieu of a $15,000 bond but is being held without bond on a pending misdemeanor case for domestic battery.