FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Newly-released court documents reveal the ex-girlfriend of a shooting victim gave the “green light” to have him shot early Sunday morning outside his Columbia Avenue home.

Now, the woman’s current boyfriend is facing an attempted murder charge in connection to the shooting.

Fort Wayne Police arrested 21-year-old Dennis V. Williams, Jr., in connection with the shooting, which left the victim suffering from non-life-threatening injuries to his leg, backside and ribs, according to court documents.

The victim later told police he had Instagram messages from Williams and someone else demanding his address just prior to the shooting. Several of those messages came from an account called “Double007”, with one saying, “You’ll never see me gang, you won’t have time too.”

The victim said before 12:30 a.m. Sunday, he saw his ex-girlfriend driving around his house, circling the block several times. After receiving the Instagram messages, the victim was walking around outside in case the anyone showed up because he didn’t want anything to happen to his family inside the home, the documents said.

About 15 minutes later, after the victim went back inside his house, a man knocked on the door asking if he sold drugs. The two men spoke and the victim eventually told the man to leave after hearing a noise coming from nearby.

Dennis Williams Jr.

The victim turned to go back inside, and that’s when he said he was shot twice.

He described one shot that went through his buttocks and both his legs, and another bullet that went through his back and ended up lodged in his rib cage. The victim told police he thought the shots were fired by someone who made the noise nearby while he was talking with the man on his porch.

It’s unclear if the victim knew the man who approached his door or the man who supposedly made the noise to distract him.

After his arrest, Williams said in court documents he was “having words with” the victim on Instagram, and that his current girlfriend – the victim’s ex – sent Williams the address of the victim.

Williams told police he went to the victim’s house to talk to him, not to fight him. Williams also said he fired shots because he saw the victim tugging at his pants and thought the victim had a gun himself, although he didn’t see it, according to the documents.

According to court documents, Williams told police where they could find the gun, which he took to his mom’s basement and didn’t want anything to do with it anymore because he knew he had “(expletive) up.”

Nobody else has been charged in the shooting. Williams was taken to the Allen County Jail on charges of attempted murder, battery with a deadly weapon and criminal recklessness.

He has since been released on $70,000 bond.