Local supporting local; 2Toms Brewery gives back to struggling businesses


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – What started as a challenge from a New York brewery has made its way to Fort Wayne, and is making an impact with local businesses. 2Toms Brewing Company heard about the challenge in April of 2020 and decided to take part.

The New York brewery released a beer recipe encouraging those who wanted to participate to put their own spin on it. The objective of the challenge was to brew beer, raise money, and have those funds put back into the community. 2Toms got to work and raised $3,000 dollars for breweries in Fort Wayne that were struggling amidst the pandemic.

The beer called All Together sold out in a week. Based on the success, 2Toms felt compelled to participate in the challenge again, but this time focusing on the restaurants in Fort Wayne.

Tom Carpenter, owner and head brewer of 2Toms says, “We decided to change the recipe up a little bit and make a bigger batch so we’re looking to raise about $6,000 this time and get it back into the community.” 2Toms has been in business since 2018. What started as a garage hobby has turned into a successful brewing company, making craft beer with unique tastes.

“It’s fun to basically create a beer and make an easy vehicle for people to participate. Who doesn’t like to drink beer and have their dollars go towards a good cause? We always wanted to be a vehicle for good but I didn’t realize that there was so much that we could do,” Carpenter says.

Tim Longardner, owner of Full Circle Grill and BBQ received a gift from 2Toms just last week. “I get goosebumps talking about it or thinking about it. I think it’s great. We do our part to go out to local businesses all the time, and support them ourselves,” Longarder says.

2Toms is giving a glimmer of hope to businesses in the Fort Wayne area who have had a difficult year. “It’s unexpected I think, and people really kind of appreciate just the support and we all have each other’s backs, but to actually see dollars, every little bit helps,” Carpenter says.

Overall, 2Toms brewery hopes to set the example of local helping local.

“If you support 2Toms or if you support other businesses that are also turning those dollars over and back into the community you see that snowball effect. There’s a plethora of great eateries, great breweries, and they’re all so different and they’re gems in our society. It’s a shame to see some of them go, but that’s why we need to support and get out and enjoy what we have,” Carpenter says.

All Together IPA is an India Pale Ale. It is currently on tap at 2Toms Brewing company at 3676 N. Wells St. Its also being sold in 16 ounce, 4-pack cans for $20. The beer can also be found on tap at local restaurants such as Hoppy Gnome, Soul Bird, and Chance Bar throughout Savor Fort Wayne. All funds go straight back into the community.

If you are looking to purchase, “you need to make a decision soon because it will be gone by next week,” Carpenter says.

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