ANDREWS, Ind. (WANE) – A woman discovered brown tap water while cleaning potatoes in Andrews.

The former Andrews utilities and maintenance operator tells us this brown water is from old, rusty water pipes.

It’s an issue that is known to the Andrews town council. The town website has photos of the rusty water pipes saying “It is imperative the Town secures funding in order to begin making upgrades to our water infrastructure.” 

In the past residents have gotten “water boil advisories” when quality dropped. However one was not in place for this latest occurrence of murky water. 

The event brings back memories that are fresh for many in the community about other water issues. In 2020 the town had to completely rid themselves of the city water for a period of time. You can catch up on the past troubles with these articles.

A harmful amount of vinyl chloride was in the water due to what many think was a malfunctioning air-stipper which is a key component in the town’s water equipment. 

For one reason or another, many people in the town don’t trust the water to this day, and many are waiting for funds to fix the problem.

If you have pictures of murky tap water in Andrews, you can send the pictures our way through “Report It.”