FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Skilled trades are becoming less and less popular as college
has been pushed too many as the only path into adulthood. The Boys and Girls Club in Fort
Wayne Indiana is trying to change that for local students.
Project Blueprint has their response to put valuable skills in the hands of the future. The program hosts a volunteer every Tuesday night for youth to listen to and learn from.

Tonight the kids learned the basics of plumbing from volunteer LaVar Brewer. Learning
about PVC pipe, and even getting a chance to get their hands on the materials themselves.
As for Brewer he expressed the important work that he feels kids should be learning about,
and getting excited about from a young age.

“There are a number of alternative jobs in the construction trades, it’s very vital. It’s never
going to die out, it’s never going to diminish or go away. We need to get them enthusiastic
about these trades at a young age.”

Boys and Girls Club board member Kurt Buechal who was present also weighed in on what
the long-term goals for the program were.

“What we’d love to hear five or ten years down the road is that they have a great career,
they’re super happy doing what they do, and they have great fulfillment in their life.”

The program looks to continue to run every Tuesday, and even expand. The Jim Kelley Career
Pathway Center has an August opening planned and will be a space entirely dedicated to
opening up alternative, trade-based programs to those exploring what their future may
look like