CLEVELAND (WJW) —  Just-released bodycam footage showed Cleveland Cavaliers star Kevin Porter Jr. in a confrontation with security guards and Cleveland police.

The incident happened back in August, but it came to light when NewsNation affiliate WJW requested the video after the highway patrol arrested Porter in November for having a gun.

While Porter faces charges for the gun arrest, he was not charged for the heated exchange with security officers and  police.

The August incident happened in a downtown Cleveland apartment and entertainment complex. The video shows police finding security guards holding Porter on the floor.

“Situation wise, he was pulling on her, Jose came in to address the situation, he got aggressive got pushing,” one security guard told officers.  “He started talking about killing him that’s when me and my partner jumped in.”

As officers try to sort out what happened, Porter starts yelling and says the security guards assaulted him. A woman tries to get Porter to calm down and police can be heard saying they’re just trying to understand what’s going on.

“You tried that ****,” Porter yelled as he pointed a finger at security officers and police. “I will remember you and I will remember you boy.”

A report shows no charges were filed after Porter left and the security guards decided they did not want to make a report.

Attorney Alex Spiro, who represents Porter, says they are “also investigating the incident that occurred.”

A spokesman for the Cavaliers said they will respond to our request to discuss the matter “at the appropriate time.”

The Athletic and ESPN reported Porter did not travel with the Cavaliers to New York for preseason games with the Knicks Wednesday and Friday.

In November, Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers reported finding a loaded handgun inside Porter’s vehicle.

He was released on a $4,000 bond. His case is being sent to the Mahoning County grand jury. It will be up to the grand jury to determine if he should be indicted on the case.