FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – In the midst of our current hot, dry stretch, many of us have been waiting for rain. While most spots stayed completely dry Tuesday evening, a few isolated spots throughout northeast Indiana and northwest Ohio picked up some rain – and rainbows followed.

Michael Kuhn described it WANE 15’s Dirk Rowley this way, “[It was a] [t]orrential downpour and strong winds for about 5 minutes! It was wild!” 

The pop-up shower and thunderstorm activity was fueled by the high heat of the day. With our temps hitting 90° for the first time in 300 days (since last August), there was enough instability in our otherwise stable atmosphere (no cold fronts or warm fronts nearby) for the hot air to rise, cool, condense into clouds and, eventually, produce rain.

With more 90° heat coming as this week rolls on, a similar setup will be possible each day. Most spots will stay dry, but a few of you could see some rain outside your windows at moments.

After the rain moves through, it can produce some good looking sights in the sky. We thank our loyal weather watchers for e-mailing in their rainbow images to photos@wane.cpom