Ballot mix-ups in Woodburn prompt special election


ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) The Allen County Election Board is asking a judge to grant a court order for a special election in the town of Woodburn.

Confusion over the primary election ballots for mayor has made it impossible to determine who won, according to Allen County Election Board Chairman Tom Harding.

The confusion may have happened because there was no Republican challenger on the Republican ballot and some of those voters were allowed to cast a vote on the Democratic ballot.

Harding said of the 130 votes for mayor, 81 were cast by people who originally chose to vote on the Republican ballot.

Incumbent Mayor Richard Hoeppner ending up winning the primary 71- 59. His opponent Ryan Reichhart challenged the results, and Hoeppner agreed to the special election. The board also agreed because the difference in votes was so small, with no way to tell which votes were valid.

Harding explained that the error wasn’t due to a machine and he doesn’t think any of the poll workers meant any harm in allowing voters to vote on the wrong ballot. Harding said, in the future, the board will make sure anyone working at the poll is aware of ballot rules.

Woodburn will have to pay for the special election, which could cost between $2,000 and $3,000. The board expects a court order to be signed after Monday, which would mean the special election would be scheduled for Aug. 4.

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