Vote: Should kids get a new cell phone before going back to school?

Back to School

Ahead of back-to-school, some parents are weighing whether they should get their child a new phone.

Kids having a smartphone is more common than you may think. A 2019 study from Common Sense Media reveals that more than half of kids have a smart phone by the time they are 11, with more than two-thirds having a phone by age 12.

Despite the rising number of kids equipped with smartphones, many parents are opposed. A 2018 survey from PC Magazine found that nearly two-thirds of consumers disagreed with the idea of providing kids a phone for back to school.

Buying a kid’s first phone comes with many benefits and risks. On one hand, phones provide an easy way for parents to stay in contact with their children during the day. Parental controls could even be installed to avoid certain websites or social media apps. Depending on the situation, having a mobile device could be helpful when in the classroom.

On the other hand, phones could be an easy distraction in class and at home. Having a smart device could also facilitate opportunities for cyberbullying.

Vote below on whether you think kids should be a new phone for back to school.

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