FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Many people spend a lot of money on fireworks every year, but the price of fireworks has gone up.

However, store owners share ways to celebrate and save money.

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association, overall costs to the industry are up 35%.

Bryce Deputy is a fireworks fanatic and he came into Pyromaniac Fireworks in Fort Wayne to stock up for the Fourth of July.

Prices for fireworks may be higher this year, but it isn’t stopping people because they say the local spots are trying to keep prices reasonable.

“I think there is two mindsets for firework store owners right now. Do we mark this stuff at what we have traditionally marked it at, or are we willing to eat margin this year and still offer a good product and put something in people’s backyards that they can actually afford,” Pyromaniac Fireworks owner Gary Graham said.

For loyal customers like Karen McClellan, they appreciate what Pyromaniacs owner Gary Graham is doing to keep the fun alive on the Fourth.

“That’s what makes my deal. That’s where I go. It’s the prices, the people. The place I go is phenomenal people, “McClellan said.

Lauri Beaverson is the manager at Phantom Fireworks in Fort Wayne and she says the key is to start planning early and take advantage of coupons to save money to celebrate the Fourth.

“Either buy gift cards or look for the coupons and there are several ways to find them. You can find them on Facebook. You can find them on our website,” Beaverson said.

Both Beaverson and Graham say it’s important to them to keep their loyal customers.

“We barely raised our prices at all. We’re not making the same type of money this year at all. I’m okay with that. We are in the long game. This is something we have done for a long time,” Graham said.

And for many firework lovers, it’s also something they have enjoyed for a long time.

“I really like the loudness to it. There’s a lot of cool bangs a lot of these places have,” Bryce Deputy said.

Local residents say they plan to spend at least a couple hundred dollars on fireworks this year.