FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — With Tuesday’s primary election results in the book, the race to become the next Allen County Sheriff is down to two candidates.

With Sheriff Dave Gladieux set to move on after reaching his term limit, his second in command, Chief Deputy Troy Hershberger, is the republican nominee seeking the election.

Fort Wayne Police Captain of Vice and Narcotics Kevin Hunter is the democratic nominee.

Hershberger called his win over Mitch McKinney a relief when he spoke to WANE 15 on Wednesday.

He said a lot of time and effort went into the race, but he looks forward to the competition of going up against Hunter.

WANE 15 was able to catch up with Hunter moments after he learned he’ll face Hershberger on Tuesday night.

Hunter said he’s excited to be the democratic nominee and hopes to be the first democrat to win the sheriff’s race since the 1930’s.

“There hasn’t been a democratic sheriff since 1936, and now it’s time for change,” Hunter said.

Hunter added that he believes he and Hershberger are far apart on a lot of topics.

“I’ve created lots of different programs to combat the drug crisis, to address substance use disorder, to bring federal dollars to fight the drug crisis here in Allen County. Troy has been in leadership  in the sheriff’s department for quite some time now, but what has he done?,” Hunter asked. “I’m not sure.”

In response to that, Hershberger said he’s been involved first-hand in getting a lot of things accomplished. The Chief Deputy said the department had the same amount of officers when Sheriff Gladieux took over as when he joined the force in 1989.

Hershberger said he laid the foundation to add officers without taking on extra funding by working with the county council to add school resource officers, which were paid for by the schools, and community resource officer in Huntertown, which were paid for by the city.

“I’ve spent my entire career with the Sheriff’s Department, 32-plus years, and gained that knowledge and experience over that time to take the next level and be the next sheriff,” Hershberger said.

Both candidates have talked about the need for a new jail, as the current one is 40 years old and a federal judge has ruled changes need to be made.

Both candidates agree there is a drug crisis in Allen County, but how they’d exactly handle the issue doesn’t perfectly line up.

Hunter, who’s done extensive work to clean up the streets of Fort Wayne, including pulling a record amount of fentanyl off the streets last year, has worked to make sure drug users get actual help rather than going to jail.

“I am always going to be tough on crime. Those dealer that deal the poison that are hitting our streets need to go to jail, but I’m also compassionate with people who have substance use disorder who might’ve accidentally become addicted to these drugs,” Hunter said. “So, that’s why we’ve created these treatment programs in Allen County to really address that issue and get people into treatment, instead of into the criminal justice system.”

Hershberger also sees an issue with fentanyl. He said, in order to protect the community, that’ll be one of his first priorities if he is elected sheriff.

“Drugs fuel crime. Specifically, we’re going after fentanyl. We’re getting that out of this community, or at least making it difficult for it to get to this community,” Hershberger said.

He believes that a new jail would allow for better treatment of those dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

“It’s time to move forward, get this jail built and move in that direction, and to bring up to date with technology what we need to do in the jail, specifically addiction and mental health,” Hershberger added.

The general election is on Tuesday, November 8.