FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Indiana’s primary election is Tuesday. Voters have the ability to choose their party’s candidate for the November general election.

Amy Scrogham, the Director of Elections for the Allen County election board says this year, the numbers are up for early voters. Scrogham says we are up to 6,430 compared to the 4,500 in a similar election in 2018.

“We do have some contested races going on. Whether it’s the legislative races and some of the county election races are contested so that brings people out,” Scrogham explains.

Scrogham provides a list of a few items to bring out if you are heading to vote:

  1. ID
  2. review sample ballot at to prepare yourself for your voting location

Weather is typically not an issue for the turnout of voters. “Sometimes if it rains, a lot of people won’t vote. It just depends on how bad you want to vote,” Scrogham explains. Many locations have a place for voters to stand out of the elements while waiting.

This year should look like pre-pandemic voting. Scrogham says that people aren’t using the pandemic for a reason to not vote in person or by mail like in years prior. Masks are optional at voting locations, masks are provided if a voter requests one.

The voter registrations office will help voters find election day voting information. That number is 260-449-7154.