Allen County Courtroom gets upgrades

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - A courtroom inside the historic Allen County courthouse has received some upgrades. First floor courtroom 107 had not been updated since the early 1990s. It is primarily used by Civil Division Judges who require modern audio/video presentation and recording systems for their cases.

Prior to the renovation, the room was small with limited seating and juror space. Its presentation technology was outdated and jurors had to head elsewhere in the Courthouse for breaks and deliberations. Even the judge's bench was positioned at an angle that made it hard to conduct business, according to a news release.

After struggling for years with limited space, growing calendars and aging technology, a group of Allen Superior Court Judges decided to do something about it. Judges Stanley Levine, Nancy Eshcoff Boyer and Frances C. Gull partnered with Commissioner Linda Bloom to manage the construction project.

The courtroom more than doubled in size to 1,945 square feet and there is a newly built jury room directly from the courtroom that doubles as meeting space. The jury box went from 6 to 12 seats allowing the criminal division courts to utilize the space if necessary. The amount of  spectator seating has doubled, which will also be used to seat potential jurors as they wait to be selected. The room is also outfitted with a state of the art audio and visual system.


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