FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — Parkview Health is welcoming back all of its volunteers after the program was suspended for two years because of the pandemic.

Volunteers began returning in March of 2021 in gradual steps and now the program is fully staffed again.

“Our volunteers are supporting the clinical staff so when you take that out, it’s more work the clinical staff has to work in in their already busy day and then you’re throwing COVID on top of it. It just added to the stress and pressure of everything that was already going on.” Parkview Health Supervisor of Volunteer Services Cassie Kurtz said.

There are 240 volunteers throughout the Parkview Health facilities in Allen County and 400 system-wide.

Parkview Health officials say they expect those numbers to increase because they are receiving a lot of applications.

Volunteer positions range from clerical work to patient support.

One volunteer who used to work at Parkview Health says volunteering is a very enriching experience.

“I love the fact that I am able to do the volunteering,” Bev Hullinger said. “That I am physically able to still give back not only to Parkview, but to the community so any volunteer would find it very rewarding.”

If you would like to volunteer you can go to to get more information and fill out an application.