Albion residents prepare for trick-or-treating against town council advice


FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Several Albion residents have posted their addresses on the town’s Facebook page, letting kids know candy will still be available, despite the town council announcing a cancelation of the tradition. The decision was made based on Noble County’s COVID-19 positivity rate.

Albion became the first town in northeast Indiana to make to the move to cancel trick-or-treating entirely. A statement released by town leaders reported a “dramatic rise in cases and hospitalizations” with a positivity rate of 8.62%

“The uncertainty we’ve faced from day to day has been really hard on everybody and I know it’s taking a toll on all of us. Not only physically, but emotionally and mentally,” Town Council President Vicki Jellison told WANE 15. “These are very tough decisions, but, we’re in a position as a council where we have to do what’s right for everyone as a whole, and it was a decision that we didn’t take lightly, but really hope it’s what’s best for our residents.”

The town’s leaders are aware that some families have still planned to travel door-to-door Saturday.

“It’s a free choice whether to go out to trick or treat or not,” John Galligher said. “I feel like God gave me an immune system. As for me and my family, I think we’ll be safe, we’ll be fine. We can hand out candy and still stay away from people, plus be outside and wear a mask and still follow CDC guidelines.”

“Albion has a lot of events and we miss them, but this is not the time with our cases rising,” Town Manager Tena Woenker added.

Trick-or-treating advice from Albion:

  • Avoid direct contact with trick-or-treaters.
  • Give out treats outdoors, if possible.
  • Set up a station with individually bagged treats for kids to take.
  • Wash hands before handling treats.
  • Wear a mask.

 Wear a mask

  • Make your cloth mask part of your costume.
  • A costume mask is nota substitute for a cloth mask.
  • Do NOTwear a costume mask over a cloth mask. It can make breathing more difficult.
  • Masks should NOTbe worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing

Stay at least 6 feet away from others who do not live with you

  • Indoors and outdoors, you are more likely to get or spread COVID-19 when you are in close contact with others for a long time.

Wash your hands

  • Bring hand sanitizer with you and use it after touching objects or other people.
  • Use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  • Parents: supervise young children using hand sanitizer.
  • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds when you get home and before you eat any treats.

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