From celebrities to “ordinary” people sharing their stories of sexual harassment and sexual assaults, the #MeToo Movement gained widespread and worldwide attention in 2017. Where does the movement stand now? How might it play into the upcoming November election?

WANE 15 and Advancing Voices of Women, or AVOW, panelists met to discuss those questions in our exclusive “A House Divided” civil conversations.

Throughout the year, six of the 12 AVOW panelists will rotate sitting down with WANE 15’s Alyssa Ivanson for a discussion on various topics. The goal is to have civil conversations on often divisive issues to see if women from different backgrounds and viewpoints can find common ground.

This week, Republicans Nicole and Amanda, Democrats Roxanna and Laura and Independents Karen and Dara met with Alyssa via Zoom to discuss the #MeToo Movement.

Meet all 12 panelists here.

Watch the entire conversation, edited only into the separate questions, in the videos below. The first video at the top of this story is the panelists’ thoughts on where the #MeToo movement’s momentum stands today . Not every panelist answered every question. No answers were omitted.

Question: What changes do you see today that have come out of the #MeToo movement?

Question: Are there any unintended consequences from the #MeToo movement?

Question: What changes do you see in your workplace?

Question: How are media and entertainment counterproductive, or are they, to the #MeToo movement?

Question: What needs to happen to get more women in leadership roles?

Question: What do you think needs to happen next for the #MeToo movement? Do you think it will play into the November election?

Question: As the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment was recognized last month, what thoughts on women’s rights and equality came to mind?