The votes have all been cast, but they have not all been counted. On the morning after Election Day, the presidential race couldn’t be called yet. Many local and state races, however, were called. To give perspective on the results as they stood Wednesday morning, three ‘A House Divided’ panelists joined WANE 15’s First News.

Republican Nicole, Democrat Roxanna and Independent Dara shared their thoughts on results, voter turnout and how to close the political divide in the nation. Watch the videos in this story to hear their answers.

Leading up to the November election, WANE 15’s exclusive ‘A House Divided’ project has been adding local perspective to the big stories. The Advancing Voices of Women representatives shared their thoughts on issues dividing the country.

Six of the 12 AVOW panelists rotated sitting down with WANE 15’s Alyssa Ivanson for a discussion on various topics. The goal is to have civil conversations on often divisive issues to see if women from different backgrounds and viewpoints can find common ground.

Meet all 12 panelists here.

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