This presidential election year, WANE 15 is partnering with Advancing Voices of Women for a special initiative called “A House Divided.” Twelve women – four republicans, four democrats and four independents – will discuss the hot topics in the election and try to find common ground amidst their differences.

Meet all 12 panelists here.

Throughout the year, six of the 12 will rotate sitting down with WANE 15’s Alyssa Ivanson for a candid, civil conversation. This week, Republicans Nicole and Amanda, Democrats Ann and Harini and Independents Dara and Karen gave their perspectives on the Coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the entire discussion, edited only to separate questions, in the videos below.

Question: What have the last few months during the Coronavirus pandemic been like for you?

Question: What do you think of Governor Holcomb’s ‘Back on Track Indiana’ plan? Are we re-opening too quickly or not fast enough?

Question: Did stay-at-home orders go too far? Not far enough? How do you see that balance between the health and safety of the community and the health of the economy?

Question: How as the pandemic become politicized? Or has it? How do you see it affecting Indiana’s primary election on June 2?

Question: How do you see our ‘new normal’? What does the future look like to you?

Question: If you had the ear of Governor Holcomb or President Trump, what would you tell them? What do you think they need to hear?

Question: Do you think the pandemic is uniting or dividing us?