LaGrange Co., Ind. (WANE) –At 88 years young, Duane Billman is far from average for his age.

“We’ve owned this about 35, 30 years or so give or take a little you know. Of course a family business. My son runs that now, so I’m kind of retired here in this building,” Duane Billman said.

Most people would disagree that Billman is retired. He continues to work at Emma Warehouse, the business he owns along with his son Joe in Topeka, six days a week unless of course he is sent out on a call.

Billman still works as a volunteer firefighter with the LaGrange Fire Department and he has been involved with fire services since the mid-1960’s.

“I’ve been chasing the truck ever since,” Duane Billman said.

When you ask Billman why he has kept at it for so many years, his answer is pretty simple.

“I just felt like it was kind of my call. You know, local needs whatever it may be. Somebody in trouble. I mean I had a house fire at one time after I was on the fire department so I know what it’s like,” Duane Billman said.

Joe, who has followed in his father’s footsteps taking many roles in the fire services, says that it has been a good bonding experience with his father.

“I’ve been a firefighter for 33 years. It’s been the best experience a guy could ever have being able to help your community and doing it with your dad,” Joe Billman said.

Serving the community is in the Billman family’s blood and is something they all take pride in including Duane Billman’s granddaughter, Adria.

“He’s done it my whole life. There’s never been a moment that he hasn’t been a part of the fire department or the fire department hasn’t been a part of my life so to me it’s just normal, but a lot of people find it inspiring and so do I. I really do,” Adria Billman said.

Even if Duane Billman wanted to settle down, his family won’t let him.

“He better not because I need him,” Joe Billman said.